BIM: Eliminate Project Surprises and Operational Headaches with Effective Information Management


Do you grapple with budget overruns, delays, and poor-quality deliverables on your construction projects because of sub-standard project information?


Are your operational activities being hindered because of poor-quality asset information?


Are you unable to sell your facility at the highest price because you don’t have an complete asset inventory or a full operational and maintenance history?

Your construction information should be an asset, not a liability

BIM - Better Information Management

BIM stands for Building Information Modelling, but it’s better known as ‘Better Information Management’.  BIM isn’t just for buildings.  And BIM isn’t just 3D modelling or digital technology.




BIM is the information management standard for the construction industry.  BIM has its own international standard – ISO 19650.


BIM is implemented on both building and infrastructure projects.  However, the BIM framework can be adopted on any type of project that generates information in digital format.


The BIM framework encompasses information management processes and standards, plus digital technologies (such as 3D models), so clients can receive project and asset information that’s relevant, complete, accurate, up-to-date, easily accessible, easily shareable, and suitably protected from unauthorised access and mis-use.


The BIM information management framework covers the whole lifecycle of a construction project: design, construction, operations, long-term asset management, and disposal.


The BIM framework facilitates effective collaboration between clients and their external suppliers, as well as internal project teams working along the whole project lifecycle.


The delivery of quality design, construction, and asset information using BIM enables reliable decision-making, improves project delivery and operational efficiencies, and reduces project risks – all helping to maximise ROI on your construction projects.

BIM for Project Delivery

Quality Project Information

The ISO 19650 BIM framework produces high-quality project (design & construction) information in line with client-specific project information requirements.

Effective Collaboration

The BIM framework facilitates effective collaboration and communication between project stakeholders, as each stakeholder group carefully articulates their respective information requirements.  

Reduce Project Errors

Quick and easy access to relevant, accurate digital information reduces the risk of project delays, design and build errors, and cost overruns – giving you a smoother, more cost-effective, high-quality project delivery experience.

Quality Asset Information

Quality Asset Information

The ISO 19650 BIM framework produces high-quality asset information in line with client-specific asset information requirements.

Be Data-Savvy

Add insightful asset operations and maintenance event histories to quality baseline asset information.

Use the enhanced asset information to optimise your asset operations and maintenance activities. Improve efficiency and productivity; reduce risk and costs.

Effective Asset Management

Informed Decision Making

Benefit from the BIM framework by having easy access to correct, complete asset information whenever you need it.  Be confident in making justifiable strategic decisions based on reliable information.

Generate additional value

Use the enhanced asset information to maximise the financial value of your built assets, unlocking opportunities for asset enhancement and increased market value.

Sell built assets at the highest price

Secure the highest sale price for your facilities, with a comprehensive digital record of all your installed assets, together with their full operations and maintenance histories

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